carving HW80 stock -finally finished

Well, it took a while to get there but the work is finally finished.  Staining the stock was an interesting experience as I had to blend my stain with the old stain applied by a previous owner. What this meant was applying a seal of boiled linseed oil cut 60/40 with thinners, then applying multiple washes of oil paint (burnt umber) thinned very heavily till the depth of colour reached a level I was happy with.  The darkest areas of (old) stain received no top-up at all and still remain very dark but the effect is quite pleasing as it matches the new cheek piece and the colour of the scales.

After staining, the whole thing was given a gentle scrape down to remove any raised grain or burry patches and then given 6 coats of wax for a deep lustrous sheen.


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