new resources page

Hi there,

Anouncing my new ‘Resources’ page!  Hope you find it useful, all comments are welcome as are suggestions as to what you would like to see here, or anywhere else in this blog for that matter.

its been a little while since I posted anything here. Many apologies but I have got a little addicted to Pinterest and have spent the last several weeks putting together a series of Pinboards as resources for myself, and for others who might be interested, with links available on the new Resources page. 

For those who don’t know (and I didn’t til about a month ago), is a network of images that interlink web-sites and which can be searched by topic.  Just about anything can be found that meets the ethical criteria of Pinterest, and trails can be followed to the images’ original location so everything is properly credited. Pinboard owners can pin images from within the Pinterest network or from the wider web into pinboards of things that interest them.


The Resources page will also include some free patterns and links to archived technical blog-posts, though this is yet to be added.


These are the Pinboards as they stand at the moment.

Carvings on Boats and Ships

Nearly 400 pictures of carvings found on boats and ships from all around the world, EXCLUDING figureheads (apart from one or two). The ‘board includes sternboards, quarterboards, tillers and decorative carving from tall ships, dug-out canoe, Royal barges, and everything in between. The reasons for not including figureheads are that they are very well represented on the internet and that I did not wish to flood the board with figureheads or make the pinboard unwieldy.

Woodcarving Wows

Over 300 somewhat eclectic images of, I think, exceptional work, from museums and from contemporary makers

Ideas and Patterns

A pinboard of nearly 200 images of things I might carve one day, useful tools to make (oneday) and interesting or unusual uses for timber, including glue-laminated timber.


A small pinboard of lovespoons but trying to steer away from mass-produced spoons.

Car Bonnet Mascots

Car bonnet-mascots are really wonderful little sculptures and well worth studying, particularly for anyone interested in art from the 1920s to the 1950s. There are over 300 here!

Wooden You Believe It

Finally, a pinboard of wooden machines and machanisms, things you may not necessarily think of making with timber.

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