carving update

Hi All,

things have been a bit crazy recently (excuses, excuses) and I haven’t had time to post anything – most of what I have been commissioned to carve has been surprise gifts and so not things I can blog about, but in between times I have been working on the two side cheeks for my crossbow project, and have also worked on an antler end-plate.  I will post an update on the side cheeks soon but for the time being here is the end-plate.

This piece measures a little over 2 inches  tall by 1 inch wide and  represents archangel Michael slaying the Devil – I have no idea what the end plate would have been carved to represent so I have followed the theme of archangel Michael from the antler plate under the fore-grip (see earlier post). It is equally possible there was no end-plate, or that it carried a floral motif, or that it carried a prayer – these are all elements used on the original crossbow. Any comment?crossbow tail piece

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