Self-bow for sale

Well, I finished my second bow and this one is for sale! I am really pleased with it and although I carved it for my own use, this bow-making is so addictive I’ve already started my next one, although if no-one wants it I won’t be upset as I am really enjoying shooting it in.

The bow is a hazel self-bow, 31 pound draw weight at 28 inch draŵ, and capable of sending an arrow 120 yards at that length draw, and though it will pull to 30 inches, maybe even to 32, (though I’m not that brave) I don’t have an arrow long enough to see her range at that draw length. She is a lovely shooter, smooth and accurate, with a heat-treated belly and made to a longbow/flat bow hybrid profile, width of limb at widest point is 32mm, depth 20mm, length approx. 67 inches.  Price is £80 plus postage, but to be really honest, I don’t know if that is cheap or expensive, so any comments will be very welcome.

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