tiller gone to Brest

Confession is good for the soul, or so they say, so completing the tiller in time for delivery to the British Village organiser all got very hectic due to the Danish oil failing to cure – there was zero penetration of the oil into the hawthorn and it just sat on the surface of the carving and sulked – I think the timber is too dense, maybe??  Anyway, a re-carve and soap wash allowed a wax finish to take instead – the re-carve also made the rope-work really good and deep, looks very lovely.  Thing is, in all the rush, I forgot to take the photos of the completed tiller!!  If you are in the Brest Maritime festival pop down to the British Craft Village and check it out, otherwise I will publish a set of photos in a few weeks time.  It might be for sale if someone wants to make an offer that’s not too cheeky – it would take about 70 hours to do another one, but this one owes me more like 100 hours – prototyping always takes a long time. Now I’m off to build some long-bows.

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