some bows, or what I have been up to recently….

I ended my last post with ‘now I’m off to build some bows’ and so here they are.  The first one ‘Branwen’ or White Raven was made for the Primitive Archer forum Trade this year (sort of a secret Santa) and I have held off posting it until my recipient received it.  The bow is a holly bow with water buffalo nocks and a carved-and-painted grip. The arrow pass ‘button’ is antler.  I must confess to being really sad to see this one go, even though it is right handed (I’m a lefty) and too strong for me at about 45 pounds draw weight at 24″, it is still by far the best bow I have made.














Hopefully, before too long,  I will manage to scrape together a few hours to run up to the Cotswolds and pick up the Brest tiller so I can post some more about it, but in the meantime, here is the other bow I am working on – a hazel primitive bow, nearly finished but still way too strong at 50 pounds when drawn to 24″dscf3711

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