Another One of my Favourites


OK, its a bit morbid, but I do like wandering around graveyards – we used to play find the oldest grave when my parents dragged me round various Cathedra and ancient churches when I was much younger than I am now – and this is my favourite memorial, particularly for the sad history that goes with it.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Morgans of Tredegar House were among the richest and most influential families in the country. Courtenay Morgan, Lord Tredegar, had two children, Evan and Gwyneth, who were very close.  Evan was a fascinating character, a real party animal, skilled artist, occult practitioner, Papal advisor and gifted animal trainer.  Gwyneth was a beautiful socialite and something of a Bohemian who fell into bad company.  At the age of 29,  Gwyneth died under mysterious circumstances, possibly of a drug overdose. Her body was pulled from the Thames and some say her pockets had been filled with stones to weight her down.  Such a terrible disgrace was felt by her father that he refused to bring her body home for interment in the family grave.  On Courtenay’s death, Evan was finally able to bring his beloved sister home and he raised this gravestone to her memory; it’s very Evan in feel, I think, and very beautiful, but, I always wonder why he buried her in her own plot instead of in the family grave.



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