Tiller to Brest – the Finale

Righto, well, about 2 months ago I managed to scrape together enough time to nip over and pick up the carvings I sent to Brest.  Apparently, temperatures in the tent exceeded 40 degrees and the wax I used as an emergency finish melted and ran into the ‘pockets’ in the rope-work making the carving look shallower than it was, although the tiller still looked great from anything more than arms length away.  I’m probably the only person to have noticed anything was wrong. While I was picking out the wax, I noticed some small adjustments to make, but the adjustments broke through the oxidised surface (wood changes colour as it oxidises), meaning I had to wait for the adjustments to oxidise and even out the colour difference before I could sort out the photographs.  Should have made the project simpler, finished in good time, taken lots of photos…… did say at the outset, time was always going to be an issue, sometimes I hate being right! Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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