long-term (very) project

Way back in the Spring of 2014 I began the preliminary work on my five -year project, a faithful replica of the crossbow of Ulrich V, Count of Wurttemburg. Well, four years in and work still hasn’t started and l must confess to becoming somewhat distracted by building longbows.  However, my research and skills acquisition has been going along quietly, and you might remember the posts on summer 2014 on working with antler that formed the early part of my research along with the notes on working with water buffalo horn last summer.  The last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place when one of the members on The Arbalist Guild forum recommended I get hold of the paper on the Ulrich bow by Baron de Cossin and which contains a detailed analysis of the construction of a horn and sinew crossbow.  So, research and practice all completed.  I’ve got 10kg of buffalo horn arriving tomorrow; hopefully it won’t take another four years…


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