Acanthus scroll

Its funny where you can find the nicest carvings. This little volute is in the stairwell of my son’s orthodontist. Beautiful.


something a little different

A short while ago we went on a family holiday.  Family holidays are difficult to design as some of us like hot and sunny and beaches and some of us really don’t like any of that, so we went somewhere hot and sunny and not a beach, in fact about as far from a beach as you can get – Budapest ! It was fabulous, definitely will return some day, but what has that got to do with this blog you might ask. Well, there was some fascinating wood and metalwork dotted around here and there and from time to time I’ll post some once I’ve found the sinc lead for my camera.  The kids took this photo for me on their phone. I thought it was a fantastic piece of carving in the Gibbons style, but very careful examination of the image shows it to be the most fabulous metalwork!  The site of the original is on the road that runs between the palace and the town hall. Enjoy.


Triple Heart Spoon

Looking through my archive I found this image. It is one of my favourite spoons, ever, though, if I were to make another I think I’d carve the stem a little differently. The single heart spoon I posted back in March was developed from this design, although if you compare them you’ll find lots of changes made along the way. I particularly like the flow of the endless knot and the reduction in size of the hearts from bottom to top.image



If things all seem to be quiet on the blog, its not because nothing’s been going on, its because I’ve been having some IT problems, although things have also slowed up a bit with the kids being off school for a while.  One of the projects I’ve been working on is a short-ish, naturally deflexed, holly war-bow.  The bow is 66 inches from nock-to-nock and is nearly ready for stringing. I’ve no idea what its draw weight will be as its already off my scales.

The photos show it bending a little and its shape unstrung.

Dragon spoon

This was a gift for my daughter’s art teacher as he is moving on at the end of this term. I call it keeper of the pearl; if you look really close you might spot the ‘pearl’. There’s a tiny ball that is completely free moving carved inside the dragon’s mouth. I was really pleased with this one; only about 12″ long, it was quite a challenging carve, especially the head, where the eyes are only 3mm long and 2mm high, but it came together very nicely.


dl spoon (2)

School Project

Forgot to say that I eventually finished the school story characters carvings.  characters include a big cat, a kangaroo and a giraffe. I had the most fun with the big bad wolf, though I feel he looks more like Bazil Brush. See if you can fit the characters to a children’s story!

Horn bow project

WIN_20170702_16_24_06_ProWIN_20170702_16_23_40_ProThe above photos show what I started off with, but, this week I managed to get down and borrow my mates big band saw for an hour and turned 6 water buffalo horn back strips like the one in the photos into 6 horn strips. Three hours of rasping the first pair got me to the point (6mm thick) where I could steam the plates and straighten out most of their curvature. Another few hours will get them to the 4.5mm I need but for now they look like this:

WIN_20170714_10_17_52_Pro (2)