Even though I generally carve only to commission I will, occasionally, produce some work ‘on-spec’ ,or, when trying something new, or when demonstrating. Items currently in stock will be shown on the ‘Items For Sale’ page; if there are no items currently available that meet your needs then why not commission something? email me to discuss your requirements at

I must confess I find it very frustrating that many websites will not give a rough indication of the costs involved in commissioning a piece, so here is my ‘guide’, please note this is only a loose guide and that actual prices will depend on the time I estimate the work will take to complete whole piece. The estimate is the estimate, if the work over-runs that is my fault and the price will not change.

There are two distinct price structures, work done to a deadline is charged appropriately, but work done on an open time-frame that can be fitted in around other commissions is undertaken at a significantly lower rate, generally up to 50% less.


Please note all prices are for the carving-work and do not include postage/delivery or timber – if you need me to supply, for example, the board for a trail-board, then there would be an additional charge for that board.

Most carved pieces are entirely one-offs and so a comprehensive guide to everything that can be carved is impossible – a small spoon may be £45, a billet-head with matching trailboards would be many times that, however, some items do lend themselves to a cost-list.


Tillers are my speciality but I undertake all forms of ship-carving, including half-models, rudder-heads, cat-heads, Sampson-posts, interior panels, rope-work, billet/fiddle-heads, trail-boards quarter-boards and stern-boards, even cleats and blocks.

tillers – carved finial from £50 (monkey-fist knot), decorative knot-work carving to tiller-arm @ £15 per inch (2.5cm) of length.  Anything is possible, including mermaids, dragons – totally bespoke and carved for you – see the gallery for some examples.

lettering (unpainted) – £5 per letter

lettering (painted) – £8 per letter.

figureheads – £800 per foot of height (30cm), so a metre-high figurehead would be roughly £2500


Ideally the design of each spoon is tailored for the recipient in the traditional manner – the carver would detail the spoon with symbols showing elements personal to the girl he was giving it to, such as number of children wanted, eternal love, affection, souls entwined, and so-on. For estimation purposes work on a spoon and stem at £30 plus £10 for each additional element – so two hearts with a flower are three elements =£30, plus £30 for the bowl and stem = £60 .  More complex elements can take several hours each to carve and will be priced accordingly, for example, chain links are £15 each, ball-in-cage £25, birds £15, pierced-work at £10 per inch (2.5cm), rings running free on a stem £30 per ring


Checkering (fish-scale/basket-weave/snake-scale)  is approximately £100 per panel, but this depends on how big the panel is and whether the panel edge is plain or decorated with carved elements such as oak-leaves, rope-work or scroll-work.


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