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Avenue Woodcarving pinboards located on pinterest

free patterns

list of technical articles, by date, published on this blog


Using Pinterest (a type of picture-sharing network; I have collated several ‘pinboards’ of, hopefully, useful and inspiring images which can be accessed as follows:

Carvings from Avenue Woodcarving

shameless plug of some of my work, although much of this also appears in the entries and galleries of this blog

Carvings on Boats and Ships

Carvings found on boats and ships from all around the world, EXCLUDING figureheads (apart from a few exceptional figures). The ‘board includes sternboards, quarterboards, tillers and decorative carving from tall ships, dug-out canoes and everything in between. The reasons for not including figureheads are that they are very well represented on the internet and I do not wish to flood the board with figureheads and make it unwieldy.

Woodcarving Wows

A collection of eclectic images of, I think, exceptional work, from museums and from contemporary makers

Ideas and Patterns

A pinboard of images to inspire; of things I might carve one day, tools to make and interesting or unusual uses for timber, including glue-laminated timber.


A small pinboard of lovespoons but trying to steer away from mass-produced spoons.

Car Bonnet Mascots

Car bonnet-mascots are really wonderful little sculptures and well worth studying, particularly for anyone interested in art from the 1920s to the 1950s. There are over 300 here!

Wooden You Believe It

Wooden machines, mechanisms and structures; things you may not necessarily think of making with timber.

Decorative Weapons

Carved Antler and Bone

Carved Owls

Carved Horses

Netsuke, etc

Greyhound Carving Patterns

Ships Cat-heads and lions



Free Plans

please feel free to use these as you see fit but please note that these are published for personal use and not for commercial purposes


Technical Articles

Technical articles and how-to’s located within the blog listed by date, oldest first:

carving scales – June 2013, see also rifle stock carving – Aug-Sept 2013

ebonising oak – June 2013

rifle-stock finishing using home-made stains – June 2013

carve a dragon head – July 2013

carving a rifle-stock (scales and rope-work) – Aug/Sept 2013

draw a circular celtic knot – Nov 2013

carve a lion head – Jan 2014

carve traditional ship’s cat-head – Feb 2014

mini cross-bow – March 2014

carve hull half-model – May 2014

working with antler – June-Sept 2014

carve a simple dog’s head – Nov 2014

make arrows, how to – May 2015

grinding, sharpening and honing tools – Aug 2015

heat treat yew bow – Nov 2015

figurehead carving part 1 – Dec 2015

figurehead carving part 2 – Jan 2016

figurehead carving part 3 – Jan 2017

take-down bow – April 2016

carving rope-work – May 2016 – see also Aug/Sept 2013

carved diaper pattern – June 2016








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